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Laurence Eaves
Professor Laurence Eaves researches the applications of semiconductor materials.
Mike Merrfield
Professor Michael Merrifield specialises in the structure of galaxies.
Phil Moriarty
Professor Philip Moriarty studies stuff that's really small - nanoparticles.
Meghan Gray
Canadian-born astronomer Meghan Gray's interested in galaxy evolution.
Ed Copeland
Professor Ed Copeland works in the field of particle cosmology.
Roger Bowley
Professor Roger Bowley's a popular lecturer and respected theoritician.
Amanda Bauer
Astronomer Dr Amanda Bauer researches galaxy formation. She's now based in Australia.
Richard Bowtell
Richard Bowtell's an expert on MRI (magnetic reasonance imaging).
Peter Krüger
Peter Krüger is a Professor of Experimental Cold Atom Physics.
Steve Pickering
Steve Pickering's a mechanical engineer.
Boris Häußler
German Boris Häußler is an astronomer formerly based at The University of Nottingham.
Seamus Garvey
Professor Seamus Garvey is a Professor of Dynamics.
James Clewett
Physicist James Clewett was, once upon a time, the world's top-ranked Tetris player!
Omar Almaini
Astronomer Omar Almaini's currently working on an epic map of the distant universe.
Richard Hill
Dr Richard Hill works in the magnet levitation group.
Paul Glover
Paul Glover is an expert on MRI, particularly radio-frequency probes.
Tony Padilla
Antonio (Tony) Padilla's interests include particle theory and cosmology - and Liverpool Football Club.
Brady Haran
Brady Haran isn't a scientist - he makes the films. He also produces The Periodic Table of Videos.

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